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 House cleaning in Crows Nest, Sydney


Crows Nest at a Glance


Crows Nest is a lively suburb on the north side of Sydney, named for its high perch overlooking the other northern suburbs. Within walking distance of the North Sydney commercial district, and a short bus or train ride over the Harbour Bridge into the CBD, Crows Nest is a popular spot for working professionals to live, dine and socialise.

Crows Nest is small but walkable, with a lot packed into its margins. Young families and working professionals can choose from modern apartment buildings and historic homes on leafy residential blocks, although prices are going up due to its in-demand location. Crows Nest has several dog-friendly parks close by, as well as a variety of restaurants, particularly those that specialise in Japanese and Vietnamese food.

With five main roads passing through it, Crows Nest is an easy ride from the airport, the beach, and dozens of other attractions. It’s also home to several historical places, such as the Sextons Cottage Museum in St. Thomas’s Rest Park, one of Sydney’s oldest cemeteries. In Crows Nest, you’ll find a unique combination of old and new Sydney.


Crows Nest Highlights


The Magnificent

  • A variety of cafe and restaurant options, including excellent Japanese food and plenty of sidewalk coffee shops.

  • A great location with easy transportation to other parts of Sydney.


The Good

  • There are lots of good schools in the area, making this a great location for families.

  • A multicultural suburb with a strong community spirit, including support for the elderly and isolated at the Crows Nest Centre.


The Ugly

  • Housing is expensive and parking can be difficult.


Local Tips

  • There are plenty of skills to learn in Crows Nest, from cooking classes to painting and pottery.

  • St. Thomas’ Rest Park is a great dog-walking area with a little bit of history, including the Sextons Cottage Museum.


Snapshot of Features


Cafes and Tidbits

  • Cavalier is a cosy coffeeshop serving breakfast and brunch.

  • Bean Drinking serves coffee in every style you can ask for: pour over, cold-drip, espresso, and more.

  • If you’re looking for dessert, visit C9 Chocolate & Gelato.

  • Or check out St. Malo’s, an organic and gluten-free bakery.

  • Fix Cafe is a copy spot for burgers and milkshakes.

  • And Double Cross Espresso Bar serves Asian fusion.



  • Ryo’s noodles is known for offering some of Sydney’s best ramen.

  • While Street Market serves tapas from China, Vietnam and Japan.

  • Tarboosh offers Lebanese falafel and shawarma.

  • And Turka specialises in coffee and Turkish-style tapas.

  • Go to Bay Tihn for its fancy French and Vietnamese menu.

  • Or Fratelli Fresh for classic Italian dining.



  • The Crow Bar serves wines from Australia and whiskey from Japan and Taiwan.

  • While Small Bar has Australian and New Zealand wines and brisket burgers.

  • Annata offers seasonal cocktails and fine dining.

  • And the Foxtrot Inn has live music, craft beer, a fireplace and couches to relax!


Sites and Activities



Crows Nest is a multicultural suburb with many residents originally hailing from Japan, India, and China. It’s also younger than most other Sydney neighbourhoods, with 38 percent of residents between the ages of 25-39. The housing stock includes modern apartments as well as mid-century townhouses and some Art Deco facades.

As at the time of writing this, the average rent for a 2 bedroom unit is $630. An equivalent house would increase your rent to $900 per week.


Nearby Neighbourhoods


House Cleaning Services in Crows Nest, Sydney


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We take pride in delivering thorough house cleaning services. As locals we want to brighten up homes in our community and open the lives of residents in Crows Nest, Sydney. We build this on a foundation of high quality cleaning underpinned by our Complete Guarantee.
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Crows Nest's Best and Most Trusted Cleaner

Crows Nest is perfect for young families and professionals who want to come home to a lively suburb with a lot going on. From cooking classes to mixology lessons, from pottery to painting, there’s so much to do you’ll rarely have a night stuck at home. Instead of worrying about housekeeping, give us a call and we’ll send our professional cleaners to do it so you can keep busy or enjoy your night out.

With us the residents of Crows Nest can schedule exceptional:


House cleaning in Crows Nest, Sydney


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