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Ultimo at a Glance


Ah Ultimo, how you have changed over the years! From a quiet and underdeveloped inner-city suburb featuring rows of terrace homes and hidden reserves to a fast-growing coveted residential hotspot. We hope you preserve a touch of your original beauty as you expand into providing a home for entrepreneurial start-ups, students and inner-city dwellers.

If there’s one place where we will see continuous development, it’s Ultimo. Following the redevelopment of the Darling Harbour precinct, we’re seeing a rise in residential towers in and around this suburb, Even the Powerhouse Museum is making for a new apartment block which we can only expect to offer a sweeping view of Sydney City. Heck even Ultimo Primary School temporarily moved across to Wentworth park following redevelopment!

We understand the need for the landscape to change and accommodate a growing population. Despite its ongoing transformation, like Pyrmont, Ultimo will remain a desired place to live for the young and those wishing to be close to the CBD. We also see more restaurants and eateries appear in the suburb to meet this growing demand and look forward to discovering new tastes and flavours over the coming years.


Ultimo Highlights


The Magnificent

  • Very close to Sydney City’s educational hub and walking distance to the CBD.

  • Ultimo with Glebe hosts its own sizeable shopping complex in Broadway Shopping Centre which generally offers later trading hours.

  • Relatively safe with a majority of Ultimo’s residents being students wishing to live close to the University of Technology Sydney, Notre Dame University, Sydney TAFE and other schools around the area.

  • Only a step away from Chinatown and Paddy’s Market for your food cravings and fresh grocery shopping needs.


The Good

  • Opportunity for new and fresh local businesses to appear.

  • If you’re looking to invest or own property here already there may be a temporary dip or hold on the value of your home as new apartments are constructed but the value may still hold in the longer term given its location.

  • Newer buildings are designed for the modern era and are adding light to the suburb.


The Ugly

  • You’ll struggle to find your neighbourly bonding experience with tenants either here for shorter periods of stay or tucked away and studying in their residences.

  • Given its prime location and continuous demand, rent is higher with little access to parking.

  • You may get into disagreements in finding a taxi driver willing to take you on such a short trip but thank goodness for Uber now.


Local Tips

  • Walk to one of the food courts in Chinatown if you’re feeling hungry; it’ll be faster than any bus or Uber.

  • Get your shopping done at Paddy’s Markets on Wednesday if you’re not fond of human traffic.


Snapshot of Features


Cafes and Tidbits

  • Soma is where you want to go as soon as you awake for your coffee.

  • The Pigeonhole Café mixes the modern with Korean inspired flavours.

  • The Black Groodle serves some of the best breakfast in Ultimo with distinct Middle Eastern flavours.

  • The Local Mbassy provides a unique ambience as you nibble on pancakes.

  • 80 Bay emphasises its beans for well brewed coffees.

  • Brainwave Café is an art gallery style joint with Thai style dishes; different, we know but worth it!



  • Martabak Café sits close to Pyrmont and offers Indonesian cuisine in a very casual setting.

  • Feel like Malaysian? Head down to Kopitiam Café.

  • And across the road is Red Lemon Thai; a popular among students in the area.

  • Dumpling and Noodle House is tucked away on a corner on the far side of Ultimo but its dishes taste delicious!

  • Verging on Chinatown and Haymarket is Do Dee Paidang. The pork skewers (Moo Ping) here are so tender and crunchy when hot! The soup noodles are quite salty and if you order anything with even a hint of chilli, it’s going to burn; you have been warned.

  • Taste wholesome noodles at Intro Noodle.




Sites and Activities



Ultimo is a blend of modern Sydney with its heritage. A walk through its streets and you’ll discover age old terraces, 90s units and industrial brick buildings interlaced with glass establishments.

As at the time of writing this average rent for a 2 bedroom, 2 bathroom apartment in Ultimo is $760.


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